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Massage choices

Head, Back & Shoulder Massage

Chronic emotional stress, long hours on the computer and overuse of your muscles can lead to tight, fatigued and painful muscles of your back, shoulders, head and neck.

30 minutes - $30;  60 minutes - $60


Aroma Oil Massage

High quality massage oils, herbs and balms are used depending on your needs. Most balms are imported from Thailand for your health benefit.

60 minutes - $60;  90 minutes - $80;  120 minutes - $110


Foot Massage & Scrub

A foot massage and stimulation of your pressure points on the feet can be very stimulating and refreshing to your whole body.

30 minutes - $30


Traditional Thai Massage

Our therapists are trained in one of the world's best and ancient forms of treatment, Thai Massage. Stretching and deep pressure is used for a whole new body works experience.

60 minutes - $80; 90 minutes - $110


Thai Herbal Ball Hot Compress Massage

In combination with aroma oils and body massage, Thai herbal ball compresses are used to reach deep into the muscles for added relaxation and healing.

90 minutes - $110

4 Hands Massage

Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating massage by two of our therapists working in unison.

60 minutes - $110; 90 minutes - $140
Thai Herbal Tent Spa and Massage
Combine the health benefits of asian herbs in a steam tent with a relaxing body massage
90 minutes - $120
Shoulder Massage
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